Moreland Neighborhood History

  • Moreland neighborhood was part of East View Village from 1906 to 1920, when East View “became insolvent and was absorbed by Shaker Village.” Scruggs, 2012.
  • “In 1920 the boundaries of Moreland were Van Aken Boulevard on the north, Scottsdale Road on the south, Lindholm Road (one block east of Lee Rd) on the east, and Sutton and Menlo Roads on the west. When completely built out in the 1960s Moreland had 808 single-family homes, 248 two-family, and 617 apartment units.” Dawson, 2017
  • Moreland 2010 Census Profile (need PDFs)

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Contemporary scenes of Moreland courtesy Kamla Lewis, c. 2015-2017.

Explore Moreland’s demographic and other socioeconomic data through map-based databases such as MyPlaceNODIS and NEO CANDO.

The Moreland History Working Group meets monthly and consists of residents of Moreland neighborhood, independent scholars, and representatives of:

  • City of Shaker Heights Neighborhood Revitalization Department
  • Cleveland Restoration Society
  • Shaker Heights Public Library
  • Shaker Historical Society


Kamla Lewis, Director

Neighborhood Revitalization

3450 Lee Road, 44120
216-491-1370 (office); 216-491-1374 (Director)