Library Organization and Departmental Functions

Library organization is essential for day-to-day operations under the financial and policy oversight of the Board of Trustees.  For this reason, management provides a framework in which library employees can work happily, productively, and effectively by assigning tasks, developed through planning and experience, to staff working in different sections of the library.

Library activities have been classified and divided into manageable jobs and allocated to staff through established salary classifications and position descriptions.  The organizational chart documents the division of the various responsibilities among various service areas as follows, with clear lines of authority and communication delineated for each position.

  1. Adult Services. The functions of the Adult Services staff are to develop and maintain an appropriate materials collection for adults; to provide readers’ advisory, reference and information services; to provide public programs; and to engage organizations and individuals in the community and build partnerships to meet community goals.
  2. Youth Services. Children and teens shall have full access to the total resources of the library and its programs. While service is similar to that for adults, special collections of materials suitable for use by children, teens, caregivers and educators are selected, maintained and interpreted by staff trained in this specialized work and in programming for these age groups. There shall be no arbitrary age or grade limitation on service to children and teens.
  3. Circulation Services. Staff assigned to Circulation Services provide efficient service for customers through the charging and discharging of materials, assisting customers with their library card accounts, coordinating inter-branch and external circulation of library materials, and returning library materials to the shelves. This department is often the initial contact with library users and staff are often responsible for interpreting many of our policies and procedures.  Circulation Services staff also process United States passport applications for submission to the State Department.
  4. Technical Services. Staff assigned to this department will be responsible for the ordering and processing of library materials and for maintaining the budgetary records of the library’s materials collection. This will include directing and coordinating all functions related to the purchasing and processing of library materials for the system.
  5. Digital Services. Staff in this department will manage the library’s digital services, including the Main Library Computer Center, technology classes, and the library’s social media and web presence. Staff evaluate, recommend, and implement new technologies and maintain the library’s computer equipment (hardware and software), its networks, and operating system.
  6. Maintenance Services. Staff in the Maintenance Department will provide the system’s inter-branch delivery services and for the maintenance, safety, upkeep and cleanliness of the library’s facilities.
  7. Security. Staff in this department will ensure the safety and security of library customers and staff and maintain a relationship with the Shaker Heights Police Department.
  8. Administrative Services. Administrative personnel, specifically the Director, Fiscal Officer, Human Resources Officer, and Deputy Director provide leadership to the staff in the promotion, interpretation, and support of library policies and procedures. This leadership includes planning, directing and coordinating the services and personnel of the library based on the Policies of the Library Board of Trustees and on the Mission, Values and Vision of the library. Other functions of this department include personnel management and the fiscal accounting and records keeping of the library. The Public Relations Manager coordinates communication with the public, the media, and the Friends of Shaker Library, and oversees the marketing of library collections, programs, and services.

Approved by the Shaker Heights Public Library Board of Trustees 4/13/2010, 3/11/2013, 3/14/2016, 2/13/2017, 2/19/2018, 2/15/2021