Shaker Library Core Competencies

Job Knowledge

Definition: Understands the requirements and demonstrates the skills and abilities to perform the job efficiently and effectively.

Skills and Behaviors

  • Follows Library policies and procedures
  • Follows Library acceptable use protocols for email and the Internet
  • Demonstrates correct phone etiquette and procedure
  • Understands and follows emergency procedures
  • Learns and applies new skills and knowledge
  • Maintains flexibility, accepts change, and adapts with curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Meets or exceeds required duties as defined by the job description

Customer Service

Definition: The ability to effectively and positively meet or exceed the needs of the Library’s diverse internal and external customers

Skills and Behaviors

  • Welcomes interactions in a friendly and polite manner
  • Is aware of non-verbal cues
  • Listens carefully
  • Restates the problem/question
  • Is empathetic
  • Provides alternatives to “no”
  • Is nonjudgmental
  • Responds promptly
  • Says thank you
  • Anticipates and seeks to meet or exceed customer needs
  • Applies policies and procedures fairly
  • Attends to the library environment to enhance the user experience
  • Follows up to evaluate customer satisfaction


Definition: The ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences using a variety of methods

Skills and Behaviors

  • Listens to others and verifies understanding of the message
  • Responds to others in a timely manner
  • Fosters an inclusive, affirming, and respectful climate for communication
  • Uses a variety of communication methods in the most appropriate forms and in the manner that best enables the message to be understood
  • Speaks and writes clearly, accurately, appropriately and understandably
  • Exhibits positive non-verbal communication skills through open, approachable body language and eye contact
  • Shares information and keeps people informed

Ethics and Values

Definition: Understands and acts in accordance with the values and ethics of library service and Shaker Library’s mission and vision including the Library Bill of Rights, ALA Code of Ethics, freedom of information, confidentiality of library records, and privacy issues

Skills and Behaviors

  • Upholds the principles of intellectual freedom and resists all efforts to censor library resources
  • Understands privacy issues and protects user confidentiality
  • Provides equitable service to all customers
  • Distinguishes between personal convictions and professional duties by not allowing personal beliefs to interfere with providing library services


Definition: The ability to enhance performance, services, and the Library environment by being creative, promoting new ideas, and introducing new solutions or procedures

Skills and Behaviors

  • Seeks novel ideas, methods, and technologies for completing work assignments more effectively and efficiently
  • Tries new approaches when problem solving by seeking ideas and suggestions from others
  • Seeks continuous improvement and evaluates results
  • Integrates new techniques into everyday practice

Accountability/Personal Responsibility

Definition: The commitment to take appropriate action to meet customer and Library goals, as well as accept responsibility for results

Skills and Behaviors

  • Meets deadlines
  • Ensures accuracy and completeness of work
  • Accepts responsibility for accomplishments and seeks to correct and learn from mistakes
  • Demonstrates a commitment to personal development and continued learning
  • Understands the impact of personal performance
  • Uses time and resources effectively
  • Produces an appropriate quantity of work
  • Is regularly present and punctual


Definition: The ability to work together towards a common goal in a system-wide spirit of cooperation by supporting each other’s efforts to achieve organizational excellence and provide quality service

Skills and Behaviors

  • Shares information, knowledge, and skills with fellow employees
  • Cooperates with and actively supports colleagues
  • Seeks solutions that benefit all parties
  • Listens courteously to and encourages the opinions  and contributions of others
  • Pays attention and remembers OWL: Observe, Walk, Lend a hand
  • Manages own time effectively and respects others’ time
  • Does his or her share of the work

Organizational/Community Awareness

Definition: The knowledge and ability to support and communicate the Library’s mission,vision, structure, and value

Skills and Behaviors

  • Knows and is able to explain the Library’s organizational structure
  • Understands that the Library is part of a larger library community
  • Communicates and promotes the Library’s value and services
  • Keeps current on Library and community information


Definition: Demonstrates the technological skills essential for the efficient work of the Library and the individual work of the department.

Skills and Behaviors

  • Shows willingness to learn new technology
  • Actively seeks to apply technology to appropriate tasks
  • Understands the applicability and limitations of technology
  • Keeps current with and adapts to changes in available technology
  • Demonstrates the ability to use a mouse and a keyboard
  • Knows how to access and use the Library web site, staff intranet, and wiki
  • Knows how to send and receive email and open attachments
  • Performs basic troubleshooting of technical problems and resolve or refer appropriately
  • Knows how to use equipment available to the public, such as self-check and web catalog

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Definition: Welcomes and values all people; seeks to include people of diverse backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences; understands and proactively works to reduce barriers to full participation in the Library.

Skills and Behaviors

  • Seeks to understand the diverse backgrounds and experiences of community members and coworkers
  • Recognizes and refrains from acting on one’s social, cultural, gender, ability, and sexual biases
  • Is able to acknowledge mistakes in cross-cultural communication and learn from them
  • Avoids stereotyping and works to meet the needs of customers, coworkers, and communities where they are
  • Values and includes people of all races, cultures, socio-economic statuses, ages, visible and invisible disabilities, political and social viewpoints, and sexes
  • Recognizes the systemic inequities and barriers that exist in our library and strives to dismantle them and to provide equitable access for all members of our community

Revised 11/2020