Create at Main Library

The Creation Spaces at Main Library consist of the Tech Studio and The Workshop. A variety of equipment can be found in these spaces for users to explore, design, create, and innovate.

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View Orientation Online Video Tutorials
Book a One-on-One Appointment

Before using the Tech Studio or The Workshop, a brief orientation is required that will acquaint individuals with the procedures, equipment, and software. Orientation may be viewed online, attended in small groups (register online), or booked through a One-on-One tech appointment. Use of the equipment is expected to be self-directed.

Tech Studio

Bring ideas to life with hands-on learning and digital creation.

Memory Studio
Recording StudioThe Recording Studio is unavailable at this time
Media iMac & PC
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The Tech Studio includes a professional-grade collection of technology, equipment, and tools intended for creative, exploratory, or practical purposes. Users will have access to a Sound Recording Studio for podcasting or laying down musical tracks, a Memory Studio for digitizing old photos, slides, and film; and Graphic Design software to create logos, draft or draw objects to scale, and create artistic designs for business or pleasure.

The Workshop

Connect with emerging technology.

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Learning Resources

The Workshop is a center for innovation, collaboration, and creation. STEAM and creative programs for all ages will be offered in this space. Adult crafters will also have access to a button-maker, laminator, and a Cricut™.