Laptop Lending

Laptops are available from the Laptop Lending Kiosk in the Main Library Tech Hub. By using our laptops and internet access you agree to follow our Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy and the Laptop Lending Terms of Use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I borrow a laptop?

Follow the on-screen instructions, including reading and accepting the Laptop Lending Terms of Use. You must have a valid library card in good standing and be at least 18 years of age.

How long can I borrow a laptop?

Up to three hours, or until 15 minutes before closing, whichever comes first.

Where I can take the laptop?

The laptops are to be used inside the library only and may not to be taken out of the library building.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Log into the laptop right after you borrow it using your library card number and PIN. Once logged in, the device will automatically connect to the SHPL wireless network.

Is there a receipt for borrowing?

Once the laptop ejects from the slot, a receipt will appear on the kiosk screen and automatically be sent to the email address attached to your library card. The email will come from and the subject line will be, “Member Checkout Notification.” You may add your email address to your library card account at the Circulation Desk.

What do I do if the laptop is not functioning properly when I first borrow it?

Return the laptop to the kiosk as soon as you realize there is a problem with it. Please choose the displayed option that most closely describes the problem with the laptop. Let a staff member know that the laptop you initially borrowed is not working properly. Then check out another laptop if available.

Is there a late fee if I don’t return the laptop on time?

There is no late fee but your borrowing privileges for devices and other library materials may be suspended until the device is returned.

What happens if I lose or damage the laptop?

You are financially responsible for the loss or damage up to the total cost of the laptop per the Laptop Lending Terms of Use you accepted when borrowing a laptop.

Why are some of the devices not able to be borrowed?

A laptop cannot be borrowed while it is in charging mode or if it was reported damaged. Charging devices will show up as yellow on the kiosk screen. Damaged devices will show up as yellow with a wrench icon. Damaged devices will be repaired and replaced as soon as possible.

Why can’t I borrow a device someone else just returned?

The kiosk performs functions such as deleting the previous user’s data and recharging the battery. This takes 6 minutes and during that time the laptop cannot be borrowed.

Can I store data on the drive temporarily?

Yes, however we recommend that you save your work to an external storage device, such as a flash drive or cloud storage. If the laptop reboots anytime during the allotted borrowing time all unsaved data will be deleted.

What if I get a virus?

All equipment provided is virus free when delivered to you. If you get a virus while using the laptop, a simple reboot will remove it. NOTE: Unsaved work will be lost when the laptop reboots.  Frequently saving work to your external storage device as you go along will help to avoid loss.

When I return the device, what happens to any data I have left on it?

Laptops are wiped clean to protect patron privacy after each use.