Customer Service Philosophy

At Shaker Heights Public Library, excellent customer service is our top priority as we strive to create a rewarding library experience for our community. It is the responsibility of every staff member to present a positive image of the library at all times. We believe that the customer comes first and that how we treat people is more important than anything else.


  • We provide courteous, responsive, high-quality service to our customers.
  • We provide the best possible service at all times, within the constraints of available resources.
  • We provide the same quality of service to all regardless of their race; national or ethnic origin; color; religion; age; sex; sexual orientation, gender identity or expression; marital status; family status; veteran status; body shape/size; housing status; any physical or mental disability; or any other criteria.
  • We provide access to traditional and innovative resources and instruction in their uses.
  • We develop and regularly review library systems, services and policies to ensure they are customer-friendly.
  • We seek innovative approaches to benefit our customers.
  • We listen to our customers and respond to suggestions and concerns with fairness and flexibility.
  • We respect our customers’ privacy.
  • We treat library employees as customers and believe that great internal customer service creates great external customer service.

Approved by the Shaker Heights Public Library Board of Trustees 4/13/2010, revised 3/14/2016, 3/20/2023, 2/26/2024