Customer Code of Conduct

The library is here for everyone to use. Please help provide a safe and welcoming space for our community.

  • Enjoy our facilities.

Please remember to share the space, furniture, and equipment, and treat it with care. To help us keep the space safe, make sure walkways, doors, and stairs are clear.

  • Be kind and courteous.

Please use polite language and respectful behavior with others.

  • Ask staff for assistance.

We’re here to help! Please tell us if you have questions or concerns about your library experience. If you have a concern about the behavior of another customer, please talk with staff rather than addressing it directly with the other customer.

  • Bring your children and enjoy the library together.

Parents/caregivers are responsible for monitoring their children. Staff cannot determine who is an authorized caregiver.  Police may be notified of unattended children and other vulnerable people to help assure their safety.

  • Love your pets but don’t bring them to the library.

Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and animals used in library programs are the only animals allowed in the building. (Please note that emotional support animals are not ADA service animals.) Please do not leave your pet unattended on library property.

  • Use your mobile device quietly so you don’t disturb others.
  • Use library technology appropriately.

While using technology in the library, please follow the law and only view things that are appropriate in a public area. Abide by the library’s Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy.

  • Keep your belongings with you in the library.

Don’t leave personal belongings unattended; staff cannot watch your items. Belongings should not block doorways, walkways and stairs or create a tripping hazard. Unattended items may be taken to lost and found.

  • Lock your bikes or scooters outside.

We do not have space for storing bikes and scooters and are not responsible for stolen items.

  • Feel free to enjoy your beverage in a covered container or a small snack.

For the comfort of others, if you eat in the library, please clean up any crumbs and take care of the trash.

  • Wear a shirt and shoes in the library.
  • Check out library materials before leaving the building.
  • Petition outside in designated areas.

Petitioning for voting and ballot issues may be done on library property, such as walkways and parking lots, but must not interfere in any way with ingress/egress to the library property. Petitioning is not permitted inside any library building, lobby area, or immediately outside any entrance doors.

The following activities are prohibited on library property:

    • The possession of deadly weapons, including firearms (as defined in ORC §2923.11), either concealed or in plain view, unless the person carrying the weapon is a law enforcement officer.
    • The possession, use, or sale of illegal substances, marijuana products, or alcohol
    • Smoking (including tobacco products, marijuana, or e-cigarettes) indoor or outdoors on library property or anywhere within 25 feet of entrances
    • Harassing, disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior
    • Abusive or obscene language toward customers or staff
    • Soliciting, proselytizing, buying, selling, or panhandling
    • Bathing or washing clothes
    • Illegal activity

This Code is a guide, not a complete list of possible violations.

Library staff has the authority to identify and address violations of the Code of Conduct. In the case of serious or repeated misconduct, library privileges may be suspended, and legal action may be taken.

Approved by the Shaker Heights Public Library Board of Trustees 02/12/1996, 12/14/2010, 12/12/2011, 12/10/2012, 11/11/2013, 10/17/2022, 08/21/2023, 1/22/2024, 2/26/2024