2019 Barbara Luton Art Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of the 20th Annual Barbara Luton Art Competition.

Best of Show was awarded to Margaret S. Heydorn for her oil, entitled Trippin’ Through Grand Central. Through her use of vibrant colors, the artist has captured the essence of the busy terminal evoking both energy and excitement. Ms. Heydorn’s oil will become part of the Library’s permanent art collection.

Commenting on her selection of Best of Show, Anna Arnold said, “I was immediately taken by the exuberance of “Trippin’ Through Grand Central” by Margaret Heydorn. Margaret’s vibrant palette of primary colors exclaims to the viewer that being in the midst of this enormous, bustling terminal is an absolutely joyful experience. In reality, when moving quickly through a heavily populated space such as this one, sights, sounds, and emotions often blend together. She brilliantly captures the essence of a profound and yet, fleeting moment in time. As people are moving in all directions at once, their faces and bodies are depicted as featureless, and detail-less shapes of color, and the swirls of colors suggest a jumble of energetic sounds echoing off the walls and then rising to settle on the ceiling. This is such a fun and enjoyable piece.”

First Place went to Micheal Costello for his pencil and ink entitled, The Trinity

Second Place went to Chuck Delpapa for his watercolor, Dried Chiles-$3.99 lb.

Third Place went to Candice Dangerfield for her rapidograph ink entitled, Once Upon a Dream Figurescape Self Portrait

Honorable Mention went to: Judy Pezdir for her oil, Joy

Other artists juried into this year’s show include Leslye Discont Arian, Jennifer Adams, Kelly Beck, Debra Bream, Robert Butler, Michael Cole,  Julianne Edberg, Nikki Evans, Toni Fiderio,  Boni Suzanne Gelfand, Randall Gordon, Dina Hoeynck, Anna Hsu, Amy Lewandowski, Wayne Mazorow, Nancy Minter, Tyrone Moore, Florence Mustric, Jane Petschek, Jacob Ratmansky, Sheila Reingold, Penni Rubin, Patricia Schroeder, Patricia Simmons, and Marianne Wilham.

Past winners’ whose works are now part of the Library’s permanent art collection include: Gary Williams, Horace Reese, Terry Sciko, John Harmon, Johnine Byrne, Jerome White,  David Brichford, Daniel George, Mary Ryan, Amy Lewandowski, Paula Zinsmeister, Judy Takacs, Ted Yu, Michael Prunty, Candice Dangerfield, Elise Newman, Patricia Schroeder, Debra Bream, and Anna Hsu.

This year’s show was juried by Anna Arnold, Director of The Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College.

According to Ms. Arnold, “It is refreshing to see the wide range of media and the ideas that are developing and evolving in art being created in Northeast Ohio. I was very impressed with the masterful use of materials and techniques that was evident in so many of the submissions. When looking at and processing every work very carefully, these are some of the criteria that I considered when selecting all of the work. Is the artist’s approach to using the materials exciting, daring and/or innovative? Is the work well-designed? How is the artist using color, light, contrast, composition and, so forth? Is the piece well executed? Does the work spark an emotional response with me? What is the mood and message of the piece?

Congratulations to all of the prize-winners and artists whose work was selected for the show! I encourage every artist whose works were not accepted to continue to have faith in yourselves and abilities. It takes a tremendous amount of courage, devotion, and strength to live and thrive as an artist. Please continue creating with passion, joy and conviction and keep submitting your work to juried shows whenever you get the opportunity.”