Local History Archives

The Local History Archives contain files of materials about the history of Shaker Heights that have been collected by or donated to the Shaker Library Local History Collection.

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Local History Archives – Featured Subjects

The Shaker Library Local History Archives contain several frequently requested subject collections including:

  • Architecture of Shaker Heights
  • Business in Shaker Heights
  • City of Shaker Heights
  • Clark-Lee Freeway
  • Election Materials
  • History of Shaker Heights
  • Integration
  • Ludlow Community Association
  • People of Shaker Heights
  • Shaker Heights League of Women Voters
  • Shaker Heights Public Library
  • Shaker Heights Schools
  • Shaker Heights Schools — parent reform groups
  • Shaker Rapid Transit
  • Shaker Square
  • Shakers of North Union Colony
  • This Week in Shaker newsletter
  • Traffic Barricades
  • Warrensville West Cemetery