Senior Person Responsibilities

The Senior Person is a staff member who has been given authority to make decisions for the good of the library.  There are three levels of Senior Person: Administrative, Building, and Departmental.

The Senior Administrative Person is always the Director whenever they are physically present.  In the Director’s absence, the Deputy Director is senior administrator; in their absence, the Branch Manager, Adult Services Manager, Youth Services Manager, Digital Services Manager, Circulation Services Manager, Technical Services Manager and the Business Manager/Fiscal Officer are respectively senior.  Regardless of whether they are physically present or not, the Senior Administrative Person makes decisions regarding the system as a whole, such as whether to close a building.

The Building Senior Person is given the authority to exert control over the staffing and operations of the agency in routine situations and handles complaints from customers.  The Building Senior Person supervises staff in the absence of the department supervisor or senior administrative staff. At Main Library this responsibility is rotated among Public Service Managers, the Technical Services Manager, the Deputy Director, and other designated staff.  At Woods Branch it is the Branch Manager, Circulation Services Manager, or other designated staff. In instances where particular departmental procedures are involved, the Building Senior Person confers with the Departmental Senior Person.

The Departmental Senior Person is designated by a department manager to function in their absence. This person makes decisions regarding emergency staffing,  oversees the giving of breaks, and ensures that the work of the department goes smoothly.

Responsibilities of the Building Senior Person

  1. Checks with each Departmental Senior Person to ensure that staffing is adequate.
  2. Makes decisions about the safety and security of the building in collaboration with the Safety and Security Services Manager when present; settles problems with customers that should not be deferred; manages last-minute issues with meeting rooms; makes decisions about staff and scheduling that should not be deferred.
  3. Informs the Senior Administrative Person of unusual actions taken or circumstances which may result in later repercussions, such as customer complaints or disciplinary problems.  (Serious emergencies immediately, other matters the next day).
  4. In conference with the building Maintenance staff, informs Maintenance Services Manager of building emergencies; may arrange for emergency building repairs under their direction or in their stead. In the absence of a Maintenance staff person, the  Senior Person addresses any building issues to the best of their ability, consulting with other staff as necessary.
  5. Informs Maintenance staff about building conditions such as heat/air conditioning, restrooms, etc.
  6. Writes Incident Reports as necessary.

Approved by the Shaker Heights Public Library Board of Trustees 12/93, 5/99, 11/07, 5/11/2010, 5/13/2013, 6/9/2014, 5/11/2015, 5/16/2016, 3/15/2021, 5/15/2023