Disposal of surplus material and equipment

It is the policy of Shaker Heights Public Library to sell or dispose of library material, furniture and equipment that are no longer functional or useful. The Fiscal Officer will be responsible for the sale or disposal of such items in the most cost effective, efficient, and environmentally sustainable manner. The Library Director, Department Managers, or designated staff members will be responsible for reporting to the Fiscal Officer or designee any items needing to be disposed of and for ensuring that the items are deaccessioned in the appropriate online system.

When an item no longer has value to the library, it will be removed from inventory and handled as follows:

  1. Books and other material, no longer deemed appropriate for the collection, may be donated to the Friends of the Shaker Library for disposal through their regular book sales or online sales opportunities.
  2. Furniture, equipment, or other items no longer of use to the library may be donated directly to a school district or non-profit charitable organization to be repurposed.   Items not covered by the above will be sold through auction (including on-line auction) or publicly advertised sale with any proceeds from such sale being deposited to the General Fund of the Library. The notification will advise potential buyers that items will be sold as is and must be removed at the buyer’s expense by a specified deadline. Shaker residents and agencies will have first priority. Prior to such sale, the Fiscal Officer or designee will prepare a list of those items to be included in the sale for approval by the Board of Trustees.*
  3. If an item is determined by the Fiscal Officer or designee to have marginal or no resale value, or it does not sell through auction or publicly advertised sale, it may be sold, recycled, or discarded in the best interest of the library.
  4. The Fiscal Officer is authorized to accept trade-in allowances on any item of equipment being replaced or upgraded for which a trade-in allowance is offered.
  5. In an instance where an item of surplus inventory is determined by the Director or Fiscal Officer to have unusual, historic or artistic value such items may be referred to the Board for determination of value which determination may include the services of a professional appraiser or outside expert opinion.

*The staff member who declares an item to be surplus, the Director, Fiscal Officer, Deputy Director, members of the Board of Trustees and immediate family members of the above, are not permitted to purchase or otherwise acquire that item(s) unless the item(s) have been offered in a public sale and did not sell.  Other staff may purchase the item during the public sale, but not before.

Approved by the Shaker Heights Public Library Board of Trustees, 6/9/2003, 5/11/2010, 5/13/2013, 4/15/2019, 3/21/2022, 4/15/2024