Board to Select a Facility Option Based on Six Criteria

The Library Board of Trustees continues its study of facility options and plans to decide which option to pursue at its October 10, 2016 Board Meeting.

As part of the decision-making process the Board has developed six criteria to assess each of the facility options.

The facility options are:

  • Keep both buildings as they are, which entails making the required repairs noted in the 2014 facility assessment but not undertaking service or facility improvements.
  • Replace two aging facilities with one new, up-to-date facility.
  • Keep and update both facilities to be more modern and flexible.
  • Keep both buildings but significantly reduce service at Main in an effort to reduce costs.
  • Partner with the Shaker Schools on a joint facility at the Bertram Woods location
  • Never go on the ballot again and operate within current funding levels
  • Join the Cuyahoga County Public Library system.

The criteria by which the board will judge each option are:

  • Is the option forward-thinking and differentiated?
  • Will the option be uniquely Shaker?
  • Will the option be financially responsible?
  • Will the option encourage community partnerships?
  • Will the option grow usage?
  • Will the option make Shaker Library a destination?

See the options evaluation matrix and criteria summary for more information on each.