Sign up for a personalized session with a librarian. 30 or 50 minute one-on-one sessions are available to help you get what you need from your library.

Please read the FAQ below.

  • See FAQ below for assistance with proctoring or appointments with the Technology Trainer. If you selected "Other", please provide us with additional information below.
  • Please provide us with any additional information to help us help you. If you need assistance with a research project, describe the topic. If you want help downloading material from our eLibrary, please tell us what kind of device you are using.


We offer 30 to 50 minute one-on-one sessions to help you get what you need from your library.

We will review your request and determine the best librarian to help you based on expertise and availability.

We will reply to your request within 3 business days.

All appointments will be held at the Main Library. The exact location in the Main Library will be determined when you talk with the assigned librarian.

The Library schedules one-on-one sessions with an experienced technology trainer at the Main Library by appointment only. Please complete the online form and someone will contact you to assess your training needs and schedule an appointment. Requests can also be made by calling the Main Library Computer Center: 216-991-2030 x2385.

Proctoring services are available for students required to take tests for college or professional certifications.

Because we want to be prepared with resources to help your students complete their classroom assignments, please let us know about upcoming major assignments by completing and submitting the Assignment Alert.

We can help you find books and other material on pursuing a career. We are able to proofread and make suggestions on improving your resume.

We can help you get started with resources available through the library and online and will then refer you to genealogists who can help you search further. The African-American Genealogical Society holds meetings and workshops from 9:30am – 1pm on the fourth Saturday of most months at Main Library. Meetings are free and open to all.

We cannot offer medical, legal, or investment advice; however, we can help you locate and use accurate sources of information on these topics.

We cannot troubleshoot or help fix your personal computers or personal devices.

We cannot type or proofread your documents.

We cannot help you with online shopping or other tasks that involve your credit card, social security number, or other personal information.

This is not a research service. It is a reference appointment designed to help you make the most of our collection and resources.

Email the librarian who responded to your request or call the library at 216-991-2030 and choose option #6 to speak to a staff person at the Reference and Information desk.