Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, also known as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

For thousands of years before the United States ever existed, this land has been home to the indigenous people of North America.  Currently, there are over 500 federally-recognized tribal nations.  It is always a great time to learn about these many people, their widely diverse cultures and traditions, and the unique challenges they face today.

At Shaker Heights Public Library, we encourage you to learn more by exploring works by Native American authors and illustrators.  The books listed below offer just a sampling. Be sure to visit the library where you can find many more interesting titles to learn about our American heritage


Books for Teens


Books for Children and Tweens



Here a few websites for further research:

National Native American Heritage Month

Native American Month @ National Congress of American Indians

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian



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