History Mystery May 2014: Aerial views of Shaker Heights

Aerial view of Kinsman - Lee - South Moreland intersections

Aerial view of Kinsman – Lee – South Moreland intersections

Aerial view of Kinsman - Lee intersection, c. 1951

Aerial view of Kinsman – Lee intersection, c. 1951

These are both aerial views of the Kinsman Blvd.*–Lee Road intersection. The photo on the right was taken around 1951. We wonder if you have a guess of an approximate date for the photo on the left.

Here are a few hints:

  • the photo on the left was taken earlier than the photo on the right.
  • note what has already been built: City Hall and the Kingsbury Building. Do you know when they were built?
  • note what is visible in the 1951 photo but what hasn’t yet been built in the mystery photo:  the Kinsman-Kenyon triangular corner property, currently occupied by Georgio’s Pizza, and the Kinsman-Lee Bowling Alley on the north side of Kinsman, east of Lee.

Any ideas? Contact us to give us your best guess, and while you’re at it, tell us about any memories these photos evoke for you!

See our facebook post to read comments and memories these photos are triggering! Feel free to add your comments to facebook or email them to us.

*Kinsman Blvd. was renamed Chagrin Blvd. in 1959.

Based on great feedback so far, here’s another clue:

  • a facebook comment helpfully points out that the old East View School, just southeast of Moreland Elementary School, is also in the mystery photo. The school served East View Village, a short-lived community that was incorporated into Shaker Heights in 1920. The building was used for administration and storage, and burned down in the 1930s. See this Sanborn map showing East View still standing as of 1933. The site is now occupied by the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building.