Bertram Woods Branch Renovation FAQs

How long will the Renovation take?
The renovation will take approximately nine months to complete. We anticipate re-opening in
mid-October, 2023; however, long lead times for material or other issues could delay the project’s completion.

What will happen to the staff at Bertram Woods Branch while it is closed?
They will work at Shaker Main Library, located at 16500 Van Aken Boulevard, where you will be able to connect with familiar staff from Bertram Woods Branch.

What will the renovated library look like?
The renovation will focus on the interior of the building, which will be designed with a calming, nature-inspired theme. Required exterior repairs will be made to cracked slate, damaged gutters, downspouts, soffits, and brick-and-mortar. The skylight in the children’s room, the entire HVAC system, and the electrical service will be replaced. The plumbing received some touchless upgrades in 2020 with the COVID funds received, but the remaining fixtures and the water heater will be replaced. Additional cameras will be installed and the fire alarm system will be replaced. In addition to the building system repairs and replacements, study rooms will be added, the adult and children’s information desks will be consolidated into a central desk, staff work areas will be reconfigured to be more useable, and the overall appearance and customer experience will be improved.


What will happen to the collection at Woods?
Some of the collection has been moved to the Main Library; some has been moved to storage and will be returned when the library re-opens.

Where can I pick up my holds?
You can pick up your items from the holds shelves at Shaker Main Library, or you can specify any other CLEVNET library that’s convenient for you.

Will the Woods’ Book Drop be open so I can return my items?
No. The Book Drop will be closed during the renovation and the parking lot will be unavailable.
You can return items to the Shaker Main Library Book Drop or to any other CLEVNET library.

Will the paper recycling bins be available?
No. The paper recycling bins will be removed and the parking lot will be unavailable during the

Where is Shaker Main Library?
Shaker Main Library is located at 16500 Van Aken Boulevard in Shaker Heights. The entrance to the library is off Lee Road (across from Heinen’s Grocery Store and behind the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building). The phone number is 216-991-2030.

How is the renovation being funded?
The renovation is funded by a 1.9 mill operating levy passed by the community in 2018.