Library Levy

Facts about Your Independent Shaker Library

  • Shaker Library is nationally recognized as one of America’s best libraries.
  • Shaker Library is a community gathering place with an 80-year tradition of providing excellent services to address the needs and interests of Shaker residents of all ages.

Shaker Library’s CLEVNET membership blends the cost savings and collaboration of regionalism with the accountability of local control.

  • Shaker Library embraced regionalism by joining CLEVNET in 1983 and has benefited ever since.
  • CLEVNET is a resource-sharing network of 44 partner libraries in 71 cities, including 111 branches, making it one of the largest public library consortia in the world.
  • A Shaker Library card provides access to almost 11 million items, including almost 800,000 e-books and e-audiobooks.
  • CLEVNET is a good investment. Partner libraries receive a $6 return on every $1 invested.

Facts about Your Shaker Library’s Buildings

Shaker Library Facility and Funding Update from the Director – November 2017

Shaker Heights Public Library Facility Options Study – October 10, 2016

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Imagine the Future

The building improvements will address much-needed maintenance and create newly renovated and reconfigured spaces that will allow Shaker Library to meet the demands of a 21st Century Library.  The proposed enhancements will provide Shaker Library with the flexibility to adapt to changing service models and user needs.

The historic nature of both buildings will be preserved and celebrated in the renovations. Shaker Library is committed to using sustainable principles in the design of upgrades and renovations to its facilities.

Learn more about how the renovation can improve our library buildings


Library Levy Fast Facts

Remaining an independent CLEVNET library serving its community with two facilities is a thoughtful decision the Shaker Library Board of Trustees made after months-long studies and deliberation. It has voted to place a 1.9 mill-levy on the May 8, 2018 ballot. This is the first increase in 21 years.

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  • Almost two-thirds of the library’s revenue comes from property taxes.
  • Revenue from the State of Ohio declined 19% and revenue from the existing property tax levy has declined 18% since 2008.
  • The cost of living has risen 14% since 2008.
  • Library facilities are in need of repair and renovation.

In response to the reduction in annual revenue, the library has:

  • Reduced its operating budget in all areas, including reduction in staff.
  • Reduced its material budget for books, CDs, DVDs, and e-books.
  • Reduced hours of operation.
  • Delayed replacement and upgrades to computer hardware and software.
  • Postponed repairs and maintenance of its facilities.

The 2018 levy is the first request for additional millage in 21 years. (The community supported a replacement levy 10 years ago.) Shaker Library has worked hard to minimize what it asks of taxpayers. It is committed to cost containment and to maximizing the use of every tax dollar it receives.

Shaker Library’s current 4.0 voted mills is just 2% of Shaker’s total property tax millage. The additional 1.9-mill operating levy would increase the library’s percentage of total voted millage to 2.64%.

For the owner of a $100,000 home, the 1.9-mill levy will cost an additional $67/year or $0.18/day.

If the levy fails, the amount of millage Shaker property owners are taxed for library services won’t change. Our expenses will continue to go up and the amount of revenue we receive from property taxes will not.

We will be forced to continue to patch over problems with its buildings and those expenses will continue to increase.

As a result, we’ll be forced to make tough decisions about what we can afford and what programs and services we can’t.

The new levy would generate about $1.5 million a year.

This revenue would be used for operating expenses to offset funding cuts and to improve services, including offering year-round Sunday hours at Main Library.

The revenue would also be used to renovate and upgrade Main Library and Bertram Woods Branch, which currently need $4.1 million and $1 million in repairs, respectively. Renovations would include:

  • Making the library more accessible and convenient for our community.
  • Improving spaces for kids and teens.
  • Enhancing space for technology.
  • Updating meeting and quiet study rooms.

Repairs include a new roof at Main Library and updated HVAC and energy efficiencies in both buildings.

No. Residents are NOT double taxed for two library systems. Shaker Library is a separate, independent library; therefore, residents’ tax dollars go to support Shaker Library.

The Library Levy will be on the May 8, 2018 ballot.