Shaker Heights Stories, Tours, and Maps

Oral Histories in Our Collection

City of Shaker Heights Architectural Walking Tours

From 1982 to 2005 the Landmark Commission of the City of Shaker Heights produced self-guided walking and driving tours of Shaker Heights, organized around the work of a prominent architect or a particular architectural style. Each included background information on the architect or style, and a map of the city showing the location of relevant homes.

Cleveland Historical

Map-based, multimedia presentations and curated historical tours of Shaker Heights and Northeast Ohio, developed with Cleveland State University’s Center for Public History + Digital Humanities. Cleveland Historical and the Shaker Buildings Database together are the Historic Shaker project, created to commemorate Shaker Heights’ 2012 Centennial.

Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

Cleveland State University’s Center for Public History + Digital Humanities also conducted interviews with Shaker Heights residents on the Clark-Lee Freeway fight and the creation of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, and on the occasion of the Shaker Centennial in 2012. See also their curated audio collection on Cleveland Voices.

Shaker Historical Society Oral History Forum

November 5-7, 2013. A series of interviews of Shaker residents, exploring their diverse experiences of living in Shaker Heights and the meaning of utopia. The conversations were held in front of audiences during three consecutive evenings at the Shaker Historical Society. Transcriptions of the evenings are being added to the website.

November 5: Boulevard, Fernway, Lomond
November 6: Ludlow, Malvern, Mercer
November 7: Moreland, Onaway, Sussex

Cleveland Historic Maps

Shaker Heights and Cleveland change over time on this interactive site of historic maps. Created with information from the Digital Gallery at the Cleveland Public Library and  the Cleveland transportation history maps resource Rails and Trails.