Word Processing Track

Registration is required and begins four weeks before the class.

Register online or call the Main Library Computer Center at 216-991-2030 x2385.  If you reach the library’s automated attendant, choose Option 8 to reach the Computer Center.

  • Basic Word Processing

    Learn basic word processing skills using Word 2010, OpenOffice Write, and Google Documents. Formatting, page setup, and document types will be covered

    The class Working with Windows 7 provides the skills needed to succeed here.

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  • Intermediate Word Processing

    This class considers using Templates, Styles, text wrapping, and Tables to make more attractive documents with Word 2010.

    The concepts covered in Basic Word Processing are prerequisite for this class.

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  • MailMerge

    MailMerge utilizes list and address information to send separate letters to multiple contacts, create envelopes and labels for mass mailings, and produce catalogs or directories.

    Familiarity with the topics covered in Basic Word Processing and Intermediate Word Processing is strongly recommended for this class.

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