Spreadsheet Track

Registration is required and begins four weeks before the class.

Register online or call the Main Library Computer Center at 216-991-2030 x2385.  If you reach the library’s automated attendant, choose Option 8 to reach the Computer Center.

  • Basic Spreadsheets and Formulas

    Learn the basics of spreadsheet construction and formulas using Microsoft Escel, OpenOffice Calc, and Google Spreadsheets.

    Familiarity with the mouse, keyboarding and Windows are all required for this class.

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  • Charts and Sparklines

    Explore the ways Excel 2010 can display data as charts of visual information; learn the basic ways data can be charted, and review chart types to understand how they are used and with what kind of data.

    If you aren’t already familiar with basic concepts and formulas, take Basic Spreadsheets and Formulas to get the skills needed for this class.

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  • Pivot Tables in Excel 2010

    This class covers pivot tables, which are used to present, summarize, and analyze data how you want it, regardless of where the pieces of data reside in your spreadsheet.

    The topics covered in Basic Spreadsheets and familiarity with Excel 2010 is required.  Knowing how to visualize data through Charts and Sparklines can also be helpful.

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