Presentations Track

Registration is required and begins four weeks before the class.

Register online or call the Main Library Computer Center at 216-991-2030 x2385.  If you reach the library’s automated attendant, choose Option 8 to reach the Computer Center.

  • Animating and Controlling Presentations

    Focusing on PowerPoint 2010, participants will learn the objects that can be animated in a slideshow and the actions to control the timing of events.

    Required skills can be acquired in Basic Presentations and Presentation Objects.

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  • Basic Presentations

    Learn how to create digital slideshows (called presentations) with text and pictures in PowerPoint and similar programs.

    If you aren’t familiar with Windows PCs, take Working with Windows 7 before taking this class.

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  • Presentation Objects

    More than just graphics, objects in slideshows can include clip art, pictures, text boxes, movies, and sounds.  Other presentation software can be demonstrated, but we will concentrate on using objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

    Take Basic Presentations before this class if you don’t know how to make slides in PowerPoint.

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